Usage of mobile advertising is growing faster than any other digital ad format, but what is this doing to publishers’ overall CPMs and revenue? Big brands are no longer putting up with worthless impressions, so check out how many a company like Kraft is ignoring. Publishers are new measurement standards beyond viewability, and are looking for additional ways to gain attention to the ads they’re websites are serving.

Also, the banner ad turned 20 years old this week.

Here are a few of the headlines we found interesting this week …

  • The Mobile CPM Train Wreck (MediaPost) – Taking the information from the previous article and turning it toward the publishing sector, what does this mobile growth mean for ad revenue. The growth in mobile is replacing desktop usage, as opposed to adding to a publisher’s overall audience. Since the CPMs of mobile banners are far less than the CPMs of desktop display banners, this is creating lower overall revenue for some publishers. So with that in mind, what can be done about it? “Fight back and raise CPMs,” this article says.
  • How Publishers Are Seeing The Light On Ad Blindness (AdExchanger) – Purch CEO Greg Mason writes that the industry’s problem isn’t about ads being viewable to real people (as opposed to bot), but in getting those ads actually viewed by the audience. Ad blindness, a person’s tendency to simple ignore ads, is the real issue. The solution, Mason writes, is relevancy, simplicity and placement.
  • Defining Bricks to Build the House of Time and Attention (Digital Content Next) – Meanwhile, Digital Content Next CEO Jason Kint writes this week about the publishing world transitioning to what he calls the AV World — as in, the world “after viewability.” Kint takes a look at time-based measurement, but stresses that publishers can’t carry the entire burden of the much-needed transition.

THE BANNER AD’S MILESTONE: Also this week, the banner ad turned 20! Ad Week offers an infographic timeline of the banner ad’s existence, and Fast Company breaks down the history of the banner ad.

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