An industry that’s evolving comes with it many other evolutions as well — how we think and talk about things, how solve new problems, how we solve old problems, and how sometimes it’s preferred to just stick to what you do best. Here’s a roundup of headlines from this week that covers changing terminology and strategies and a company changing its strategy and focus. There’s also a bit on what we can learn from windows (the real ones, not the OS).

  • The New Premium: How Programmatic Changes The Way Advertisers Value Inventory (AdExchanger) – As any industry grows and evolves, so does its terminology. In terms of the online advertising industry, one of those evolving terms is “premium inventory.” Previously tied to channel and content type, the term is more often being used in reference to the audience sitting in front of those impressions.
  • How Rampant is Online Ad Fraud? (Wall Street Journal) – comScore released data this week that indicates a majority (but not all) of the online fraud is tied to the bottom 20 percent of ad campaigns. This would seem to support the theory of fraud being at least somewhat avoidable if you work with the right partners.
  • SAY Media Unloads Its Websites to Focus on Tech (AdWeek) – Being a publisher isn’t easy. Being a tech company isn’t easy. Being both is proving to be pretty impossible. Focus on what you want to do, and work with trusted partners for the rest.

Source:: Peering through the window at an evolving programmatic landscape