Google certainly is making waves in ad tech these days, isn’t it?

The industry is still keeping quite a keen eye on its Contributor program, which promises to block ads (on a certain few sites) for users who are willing to pay (between $1 and $3) for it. Meanwhile, data released this week showed that only a little over half of Google ads are even seen (by humans … who else would “see” them, though) anyway. Lastly, Digiday breaks down Google’s dominance in the ad tech scene, and why that’s concerning for the industry.

However, not everything is about Google.

  • How The Old Ad Nets Are Upgrading (AdExchanger) – As any industry evolves, its players must grow as well. See how networks have grown from a place to merely group publishers in order to scale available inventory to a place where automated transactions are maximizing economy efficiency.
  • Is RTB Killing the Creative Star? (MediaPost) – Just because the buying and selling of digital ads is becoming more automated doesn’t mean there’s no time for creativity. Right?

From:: Google news dominates headlines, like it’s trying to dominate digital advertising

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