Passionate about our clients’ success, GeosNet Media offers turnkey PPC program management—from creative implementation to the thorough testing and evaluation of paid search efforts. To determine the success of your pay-per-click search campaign, our team of technology specialists performs A/B and multivariate testing on your landing page versions. As a result, we determine which ads are preferred by audiences, and which ads generate high-quality leads while converting visitors to buyers. While both types of testing generate accurate results, the testing methods differ slightly.

  • A/B Testing: During this type of analysis, GeosNet Media PPC agency experts test two versions of a landing page to determine their overall effectiveness. Success is measured by whether audience members take action on the ad. In doing so, they become “converted” users.
  • Multivariate Testing: During an examination of multiple ad variations, multivariate testing takes a variety of page elements into consideration. This phase analyzes the effectiveness of headlines, content, graphics, incentives and overall design factors—allowing us to gain a better understanding of consumer ad and landing page preferences.

Using selected testing results, GeosNet Media continually optimizes your PPC ads and landing pages to perform better and better over time. Multivariate testing is especially beneficial when combined with a variety of other holistic SEO and marketing efforts. With GeosNet Media’ PPC agency expertise, you’ll no longer have to entrust your campaign to mere guesswork. Benefits of GeosNet Media’ multivariate and A/B testing programs include:

  • Increased lead generation and marketing returns
  • In-depth understanding of website traffic patterns
  • Improved leads and sales
  • Reduced cost per lead

To inquire about GeosNet Media’ comprehensive paid search analytics, display ads, geographic targeting or to request analysis of your existing PPC programs, call or email our SEO agency specialists today.

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