As a SEO agency, GeosNet Media establishes and improves online visibility for companies of all sizes, scales and verticals. As part of our holistic marketing approach, we craft well-designed display and banner ads that put businesses in front of qualified traffic for reasonable per-impression fees. This type of advertising is beneficial for geo-targeting niche audiences, and its larger size allows messaging flexibility that smaller ads cannot accommodate.

Display advertisements are placed in two key ways:

  • Geographic location placement: Appearing to users with IP addresses in designated geographic areas, this regionally targeted ad placement encourages local brand recognition. It can be especially effective for brick-and-mortar businesses trying to draw nearby clients to their storefront, but is also an effective strategy for online product and service sales.
  • Point of interest placement: This placement strategy means that your banner or display advertisement will appear on websites related to your business or vertical. For example, a banner advertising sporting goods might appear in the sports section of an online newspaper—or on the official website of an NFL football team.

Companies utilizing banner advertising generally pay for blocks of viewer impressions, and GeosNet Media PPC agency team can help you select the most strategic and cost-effective placement of geo-targeted and contextually driven ads. Designed to introduce your identity to targeted users in creative, well-placed ways, display advertising may include audio and video clips, high-quality animation or a simple combination of images and text.

To learn more about our landing page optimization, multivariate testing, custom analytics & reporting or to inquire about banner ad design and full-scale PPC display campaigns, contact GeosNet Media’ reputable team of SEO agency and marketing professionals today.

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