GeosNet Media PPC agency team uses a range of lucrative, geo-targeted marketing strategies to help your paid search efforts resonate with niche audiences in your state, region or zip code. Whether you’re attempting to drum up business for your hometown storefront, or target a four-state region with a new product rollout, geographic SEO and PPC are powerful ways to differentiate campaigns and attract targeted traffic.

Search engines like Google allow businesses to designate geo-targeted locations in a number of ways, depending upon your needs. From broad to granular options, your campaign can be customized to reach audiences who speak a particular language, live in your company’s state—or shop in a nearby city. These types of geo-targeting have a variety of advantages, including:

  • Ranking for keywords that are highly competitive at a national level, but less competitive at a local level
  • Customizing product and service pricing based upon regional economic factors
  • Differentiating creative executions based upon regional climates, interests and tastes
  • Developing brand awareness in new, untapped areas

Unlike traditional media outlets, paid online search provides businesses with a unique ability to control your campaign—and measure your results through multivariate testing and custom analytics & reporting. To determine whether geographic targeting is a sensible addition to your marketing and SEO strategies, call or email a qualified GeosNet Media PPC agency team member today. We’ll evaluate your products, services and messaging to come up with the ideal, profitable mix of SEO agency best practices and paid search advertising, whether it be display ad creation or landing page optimization—so you’ll spend your marketing money where it counts the most.

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