In addition to our comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) consulting services, GeosNet Media provides the tools and training you need to optimize your company’s website, in-house. When you partner with us, we’ll teach your team about the value of organic, or “natural,” SEO techniques—and how they boost search engine rankings and capture qualified traffic. You’ll also learn ongoing optimization strategies that improve your online presence through our link building, content development, social media agency tactics and site-side SEO.

Teaching you to implement and maintain a well-planned SEO strategy, our SEO consultants reveal formulas for success during exhaustive, on- or off-site training courses. GeosNet Media SEO training is an effective, affordable way for budget-conscious businesses to climb the ranks of Google and friends—without hiring or retaining a long-term SEO consultant.

GeosNet Media’ workshops and courses are competitively priced, and are conducted by seasoned SEO agency professionals. Benefits of our reputable SEO training include:

  • Personalized, hands-on teaching approach
  • Cutting-edge strategies from master SEO consultants
  • Content tailored to novice, intermediate or skilled participants
  • Solid SEO understanding that’s applicable to any vertical
  • General Track
    • SEO Agency best practices for on-site optimization and local search optimization
    • Keyword research training & tools
    • Meta data optimization training & tools
  • Editorial Track
    • Keyword mapping to site sections
    • Content/copy optimization techniques
    • Search engine accessibility/crawlability
  • Technical Track
    • Code
    • Architecture
    • Technology
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