GeosNet Media is a professional social media marketing (SMM) strategist with years of experience in social media innovation and management. Realizing that social media marketing is much more than a passing fad, we help clients launch and manage accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube and more. Why? Because word on the street is that 48 percent of consumers use search engines and social media to assist them with purchase decisions.*

GeosNet Media uses a range of proven techniques to ensure that your social presence is effective—and that it complements your brand identity and your other marketing initiatives. Through the proper development of social media relationships, your business is more likely to be perceived as trustworthy, authentic, transparent and client-focused.

After years of research and experience, GeosNet Media has created a three-stage strategy for developing social media agency campaigns. Steps to success include:

  • Strategy: First, our team of SEO agency and marketing specialists invests time in fully evaluating your objectives for each social media campaign. Then, fusing your company’s social media policies with our own, we conduct market and competitor research that provides unique campaign insights. Finally, we establish a recommended social media optimizationcontent plan that promotes your products, services and unique selling points.
  • Execution: This portion of your social media marketing plan sets the tone for long-term success. During the execution phase, we:
    • Design custom profile images, backgrounds and tabs
    • Create a detailed posting schedule
    • Develop contests, polls and outreach programs
    • Upload images and videos
    • Engage in community interaction through comments, discussion boards and forums

In addition to bolstering your brand, social media marketing creates organic, SEO-friendly backlinks that improve search engine rankings and qualified conversions. Call GeosNet Media’ social media agency specialists today to discover the benefits of integrating social media into your company’s marketing plan!

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