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Want Internet Explorer dead? Be careful what you wish for


I've been using Internet Explorer 11 all day. Not because I like it or want to, but to prove a point: Internet Explorer was never as bad as the critics said. Nor was it as good as Microsoft promised.

These thoughts occurred to me as I watched tech web sites and pundits prematurely dance around Internet Explorer's nonexistent funeral pyreIt's dead, they proclaimedDing, dong, IE is finally dead.

Except it isn't. Nor will it be any time in the foreseeable future. And contrary to popular opinion, the last thing Internet Explorer deserves is a quick demise. ...

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Windows 10 is coming to 190 countries this summer


Windows 10 is coming this summer, Microsoft has announced

The company's next major version of Windows, which skips a version number (the last major version was Windows 8), will be available in 190 countries and in 111 languages, Microsoft's Executive Vice President of Operating Systems Terry Myerson wrote in a blog post

This announcement means Microsoft actually sped up its release schedule for Windows 10. When the new OS was first unveiled in Sept. 2014, the release was pegged for "late 2015."

Windows 10 is likely Microsoft's most important release in years, with a long list of ...

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Google Now will open more broadly to more third-party apps


Google's predictive service Google Now will likely work with more Android apps in the near future

A Google executive said during a SXSW session this week that the company plans to open Google Now to more third-party apps and developers, allowing them to add the tool into existing apps.

While a timeline for an API wasn't outlined, Director of Product Management for Google Now, Aparna Chennapragada, revealed that Google will expand on its current pilot program. As of January,...

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Bursting the Meerkat bubble


AUSTIN, Texas — Almost every year, one app dominates SXSW Interactive. In 2007, it was Twitter. Two years later, it was Foursquare. At this year's conference, it was all about Meerkat.

Barely three weeks old, the live video app proved more ubiquitous than idle Game of Thrones-themed pedicabs, Tex-Mex food trucks, and ...

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Headset offers virtual reality you can control with your hands


In the last few months we've seen virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift cleverly paired with the Leap Motion gesture controller to deliver a more interactive experience, but one company has managed to merge the two concepts into one device

The Impression Pi is a wearable VR headset that embeds the ability to track your gestures into the hardware itself — no Leap Motion hack needed.

Launched as a Kickstarter project by the San Jose, California, branch of China's Usens, the device quickly blew past ...

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