Last week, just in time for Halloween, we started a Vine challenge themed around spookiness

Ghost effects, realistic crime scenes, creatures lurking behind bedroom doors and spine-chilling hallway thrillers — these were the types of videos we saw under the #SpookyHallow hashtag

If you’re not into scary stuff, don’t scroll down any further. These six-second horror clips are hard to shake off.

Vine artist Jennifer Messmore, a Las Vegas native, guest-hosted our challenge

“I really enjoyed seeing a few Viners who aren’t necessarily known as spooky show their versatility,” Messmore said. “I think what I liked most about the challenge was highlighting what I consider the underground of Vine and showing that there are some truly creative, dark, and humorous people sharing exceptional ideas and techniques with the Vine community.” …

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From:: 17 spooky scenes acted and animated on Vine

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