Keeping it simple, it would seem that weeding out fraud is as easy as working with those you trust. Speaking of fraud, it’s apparently staring publishers right in the face when it comes to fishy-looking desktop traffic. When it comes to maximizing end-of-article placements, publishers have options. Maybe it’s time to put the mobile app vs. mobile web debate to bed, and taking a difference-angle look at cookies.

  • Fixing online advertising: How to beat bots, scammers … and the invisibility problem (VentureBeat) – In a guest column in Venture Beat, Martini Media CEO Erik Pavelka tackled the issues of ad fraud and viewability. For viewability, we might be a way off. In terms of fraud, the points outlined by Pavelka, while somewhat oversimplified, are on target in that in order for buyers to reach a quality audience, they must work with trusted sellers.
  • In defense of the cookie (AdExchanger) – Lou Montulli, co-founder and chief scientist at, offers an interesting look back at the history of the cookie, and explains why he still thinks the cookie was the way to go in the early days of online banner ads.

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