In a recent guest column in Venture Beat, Martini Media CEO Erik Pavelka tackled the issues of ad fraud and viewability. It’s honestly a bit much to try and tackle in one column.

While the viewability fix may be a ways off (the IAB currently recommends shooting for 70 percent), there is already a lot being done to fight fraud, and many of the ideas out there have a shot at being a reality.

In terms of fraud, the points outlined by Pavelka, while somewhat oversimplified, are on target in that in order for buyers to reach a quality audience, they must work with trusted sellers. That part is quite simple.

What’s not so simple, however, is the work that needs to be done on the sell-side to provide that high-quality and fraud-free inventory. From monitoring traffic to weeding out fraudulent and under-performing traffic sources (if you play that game) are complex asks for any publisher. This underlines the paramount importance of working with partners you can trust. Publishers often can’t do this by themselves. Likewise, the sell side has to realize that all the effort that goes into providing inventory of this quality is going to come at a premium price (the true definition of a premium publisher).

Bottom line: If you go cheap, you get fraud.

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Source:: Fixing fraud has a lot to do with trust