Social media and advertising had a meet-up at CES as Twitter announced plans to run ads on third-party apps. Poll results show just how important a brand safe environment are for the buy side. The mobile web is no where near “dying off,” says the IAB. There’s a lot of needed education surrounding programmatic video. And do publishers need to also be tech companies?

  • Do Publishers Have To Be Technology Companies? (AdExchanger) – Media executives give their take on the ever blurring line between publisher and technology company. It’s our take that a publisher doesn’t necessarily have to be a tech company, but they certainly need to respect the need for top-tier technology in the publishing game. If you don’t do your own tech, have good partners who do.
  • Fraud, Brand Safety Take Center Stage Among Ad Buyers (eMarketer) – Poll results recently released in this eMarketer article didn’t tell us much we didn’t already know — fraud, brand safety and viewable impressions are important to ad buyers and sellers. What’s interesting is, speaking in terms of programmatic buying/selling, where those issues stand in terms of importance.
  • Twitter Plans To Increase Revenue With Ads On Publisher’s Apps (TechCrunch) – As Twitter seeks to increase its revenue, the social company is looking outside its network for that revenue. Next up for Twitter is reportedly the selling of advertising in third-party applications. Rumors around CES were that ESPN might be on board.
  • The Mobile Web Isn’t Dead, IAB Says (Wall Street Journal) – There’s been a lot of talk about the mobile web being put out to pasture, especially as statistics such as that users spend 85 percent of their online mobile time using apps. But the IAB says it’s not so clear cut as that. Much of the time users spend in apps, the IAB says, is within build-in browsers actually consuming mobile web content.

Source:: Poll results, glossary terms and what’s up with the mobile web

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