As advertisers lose billions to ad fraud,
Technorati network focuses on inventory quality

Ad fraud is costing advertisers billions in misspent campaign dollars, making imperative the need for transparency on all sides and concentrated efforts to clean up the ecosystem.

Technorati has long focused on combating the rise of fraud traffic and creating a network that truly benefits both advertisers and publishers. As a result, when Pixalate released its latest Global Sellers Trust Index, Technorati was among the Top 25 of the more than 400 active sellers rated.

The Association of National Advertisers, in concert with White Ops, this week put forth a study that projects more than $6 billion in losses over the next year for advertisers as a result of ad fraud. As programmatic advertising continues to grow, so does the opportunity for bad players to game the system.

“Maintaining network quality is paramount because Technorati holds a crucial spot between buyers and sellers,” Technorati CEO Shani Higgins said. “Being transparent and creating trust in the system takes a major step in ensuring those on boths sides of the equation know they can transact with confidence. We take our role in the effort to improve the value of digital advertising very seriously.”

The high ranking recognizes Technorati’s efforts to build and maintain its network quality. These efforts include deploying a site-vetting process that involves checking each domain against partner blacklists as well as an internal scoring system. To ensure the continued quality of the traffic of approved sites, Technorati uses Forensiq, which samples portions of every publishers’ inventory. If needed, team members also work with publishers to help them clean up their own inventory.

In addition to algorithms and technology, quality assurance personnel run daily reports across multiple platforms to double-check that publishers are selling inventory from approved sources only.

Technorati’s ranking comes from top-level performances in categories like ad engagement (86), viewability (83) and fraud (80), according to the December 2014 release. Each category is measured on a 100-point scale.

Pixalate’s Index “assigns ratings based on a critical range of quality measurements drawn from proprietary quality analysis of billions of global impressions daily” and “is designed to bring trust and transparency to RTB to empower the success of the programmatic marketplace.” In order to compile its ratings, Pixalate — which is a member of the IAB and is MRC certified — monitors billions of ad events daily by tapping into the RTB data stream.

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