Are we all going to be woken up by smart-alarms right on schedule only to be scooped up out of bed and moved along a people mover, while rapidly receiving coffee and toast on our way to work in our flying fold-up cars? Well maybe not, but the idea of the Internet of Things (IoT) turning more and more inanimate objects into smart devices via sensors, logic and Wi-Fi connections is propelling us into this once futuristic dream.

The Internet of Things is expected to grow to approximately 75 billion connections by 2020, merging our physical and online worlds. The implications for both consumers and marketers are obvious and far-reaching — as more consumers connect their everyday lives to an increasing number of smart devices, marketers will have the opportunity to not only better understand the lifestyles and habits of their customer, but offer even more personal and intimate contextual experiences than ever before. …

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From:: 4 ways the Internet of Things brings us closer to ‘The Jetsons’

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