According to trends, programmatic has a bright future in advertising; there could be changes to the way success in online advertising is measured; bot ease startles conference goers; automatic guaranteed needs some clarification, and how sometimes things just make sense for publishers.

  • Pageviews aren’t perfect, but ad buyers see flaws in attention measures (Digiday) – Publishers have the audience, and advertisers want access to that audience. We can all agree on that. However, there’s still some pretty active discussion about how to measure the effectiveness of those ads (and, in turn, how much to pay for them). Digiday reports that many on the buy side are willing to move past impression and click counts to more “engagement-based measurements,” but it’s also pointed out that a lack of standards is slowing adoption.
  • What Does The Future Hold For Automated Guaranteed? (AdExchanger) – CEO of iSocket and Technorati Chairman of the Board Richard Jalichandra writes, “Like any emerging technology, automated guaranteed can be most successful when we don’t try to reinvent the wheel from the get-go. Even though automation changes the way we do everything, new technology can be most effective if it, at least initially, mimics the way people have always done things, and whenever possible, integrates with existing systems to make workflows seamless.”
  • Programmatic Buys ‘Make Sense’ For Industry (NetNewsCheck) – Three media heavyweights weigh in on how programmatic buying can be a boon for the publishing industry, from better targeting to the ability to monetize unsold inventory. In today’s publishing world, programmatic ad sales are no longer “a means of filling low-value inventory with remnant ads, programmatic ad sales are now decidedly mainstream.”

From:: Current, future trends and how programmatic ‘makes sense’ for publishers

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