“Men everywhere can now rejoice as their wives and girlfriends finally have a way to track their time of the month.” I received this pitch email for the MyPeriod Tracker app this week. “How many ruthless fights have been started due to lack of empathy from the husband because he had no idea what type of mood he was coming home to?”

It’s 2015 and this kind of utterly embarrassing marketing still exists. Keep reading — it gets worse

The subject line contained the phrase “PMS & Men,” which hinted at the email’s contents. The app was created by none other than five (five) men who “were tired of the drama, discourse and sometimes absurd fights.” The app would help “relinquish the fear and confusion of men, and allow women to be more tuned into their own cycle and symptoms.” …

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Source:: Dear marketers, stop trying to sell sexism. You’re failing.

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