Methodology for building online trust for businesses within strategy of online communication consists from several segments:

  • When defining basic parameters of the online communication strategy, it is necessary to recognize and state company’s every strategic advantages compared to the competition (advantages in segments of the business process, services characteristics, new technology adopting, speed of the market placings etc.)
  • It is necessary to accurately define values and benefits of the client-company relationship (especially in regards to the strategic advantages of the company) as well as values and benefits through online communication with the company (availability of information, honest dialogue, communication and content distribution on user popular platforms etc.)
  • Defining a system for company’s online activity monitoring (what types of the online monitoring could be used withing the company).
  • The essence of content creation by company has a strategic goal of demonstration of the defined company values to the targeted audience..
  • Those same values should be used in a dialogue with the users through various online communication channels.

GeosNet Media is implementing methodology for building online trust for businesses through internal education of the client as well as through direct engagement .