Thanks to some new uses for big data, there are going to be some different ways advertisers can retarget consumers. Mobile video is about to see some exponential growth in terms on inventory bought, but advertisers are still having trouble finding quality video in general available through real-time buying. Publishers are looking to move beyond impression-based pricing, and just what are some of the other challenges the programmatic industry faces going forward?

Here are some of the headlines we found interesting this week:

  • Retargeting By Any Other Name Is Still Retargeting (AdExchanger) – Retargeting has long been a strategy of the programmatic advertising space, and ecommerce sites have been huge beneficiaries of the tactic. As big data becomes available to more types of advertisers, the possibilities increase for other industries, such as consumer packaged goods. They’re even able to use offline-to-online retargeting to convert consumers.
  • Quality Online Video is Scarce, Rubicon Project Says (Wall Street Journal) – Taking a shift back to video in general — mobile and desktop — there is no shortage of advertisers wanting to buy mobile inventory. There’s just one problem, and it’s that many are saying quality mobile inventory is pretty scarce. Much of the best inventory is still being sold directly, and there’s little left for the programmatic space.
  • Survey: 80% of Premium Publishers Want to Sell Ads Based on Time (AdAge) – It looks like more publishers are looking for alternatives to impression-based metrics when it comes to ad pricing, and instead opting for a future that measures the amount of time ads are viewable to readers. AdAge reports, “60% are considering transacting based on time, 4% are already testing it, 8% will begin testing it in 2014 and another 8% plan to test it in 2015.”
  • The biggest challenges programmatic advertising faces (Digiday) – Several industry executives weigh in on the subject, and bring up things like “moving beyond cookies to publisher cooperation to the hype surrounding it as the be-all and end-all when it’s just a part of the media equation.”

From:: The futures of programmatic retargeting, measurement and video

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