In a statement that was actually reassuring to those in the viewability fight, the IAB said this week that reaching 100 percent right now just isn’t possible; but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep shooting for it. There’s some key information publishers need to know about domain spoofing. Finally, this is a good time to be in the online ad industry, and those good times should continue.

  • IAB: 100% Viewability of Digital Ads Is ‘Not Yet Possible’ (Ad Age) – Based on current industry technology and measurement systems, the IAB said this week that expecting campaigns with 100 percent viewable impressions just isn’t feasible. Despite that, IAB CEO Randall Rothenberg said the organization still “supports the goal of ad campaigns in which every impression meets the viewability standard.”
  • The Publisher’s Guide To Domain Spoofing (AdExchanger) – Bots aren’t the only thing publishers need to worry about when it comes to ad fraud. Also rampant is the practice of domain spoofing when, in addition to skimming of ad revenue that should be coming their way, the villains are also taking advantage of the good reputations of proper publishers everywhere.
  • Good Times Continue for Online Advertising (Wall Street Journal) – The ad tech industry isn’t all doom and gloom. It’s a pretty good time, actually, to be in the game. Internet ad spending has set an new high-water mark as much of the growth is being attributed to increasing trust brands have in the system.

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