There are a lot of tools online that claim to offer you total privacy. But when dealing with something like Internet anonymity, it’s hard to be sure

One that’s widely agreed to be among the best available is Tor. If used correctly, the Tor browser and network cloaks online activity in anonymity; your online traffic isn’t traceable back to you. It’s less about keeping credit card numbers secure and more about allowing you to browse the web and communicate with others without revealing who and where you are.

But Tor was attacked on Friday. The hacker group known as Lizard Squad — or at least a Twitter account claiming to be involved with the collective — said that it was going after Tor. According to Tor, which has confirmed the attack, but not the perpetrator, there should be no effects on anonymity or performance. But some experts have speculated that the hackers could track the network’s users.

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From:: What you need to know about Tor and the hackers targeting it

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