Fraud, viewability and trust are big issues for the online ad industry right now. There’s a lot of overlap. Fraudulent impressions aren’t viewable (because they’re “seen” by bots), and this erodes trust in the relationship between buying and selling.

There’s another part of the trust mission — the users. You know, the ones advertisers want to see their ads. There seems to be eroding trust on the user-side, as is apparent from the continued growth of ad-blocking software.

This is why so many are working toward improving viewability and trust, while also trying to squash fraud.

Also on the trust topic, publishers are apparently quite wary of Facebook’s direct-publishing play. Obviously.

  • Publishers arm for war with ad blockers (Digiday) – Publishers aren’t being passive in the fight, however. Advertising is how they pay to have their content produced, and some pubs are saying if you’re not going to take part in their advertising game then you can’t take part in their content either.
  • In The Quest For 100% Viewability, Everyone Takes A Different Path (AdExchanger) – Here’s a breakdown of the pitfalls faced in terms of the journey toward 100% ad viewability. One thing to ad: the third-party viewability tech providers that aren’t standardized can hurt. If the buy- and sell-sides are using different vendors, it can lead to discrepancies and then nobody wins in the this-vs.-that which follows.

Source:: Blocked ads certainly aren’t viewable, are they?