The industry has been talking about fraud, viewability and measurement for a while now, and these days one thing is becoming crystal clear — it’s going to take cooperation on all sides to get any of this solved. This week, we’ve seen promises of fraud-free ad traffic and a call to action for publishers to help advertisers move past the CTR as the top measure for success in digital advertising.

  • Taking programmatic advertising from black box to glass house (VentureBeat) – It’s a pretty widely accepted belief that no matter what the transaction, people want to know what they’re spending their money on. They want to know how much they’re spending and what they’re getting in return. The programmatic ad scene can be no different, and advertisers are tired of “taxation without representation.”
  • A Better Programmatic Supply Chain Will Root Out Fraud (Adage) – Fraudsters are thriving on the supply side because that’s where its easy to get away with it. That being said, it’s the supply side that needs to be cleaned up. The industry is starting to take steps to get this cleaning done, but that forward momentum must continue.
  • “Fraud-Free” is Suddenly a Selling Point for Online Advertising (Wall Street Journal) – AppNexus and DataXu made headlines this week by offering “fraud free” impressions for advertisers. Going forward, that’s something advertisers are going to be looking for and something the sell-side is going to want to offer as well.
  • Publishers Need To Help Brands Move Beyond The CTR (AdExchanger) – Another of the growing pains our industry is working through is that of measurement. Of course advertisers want the best return for their investment, and for years that’s been measured in how many people click through to their websites, landing pages, social pages, etc. Many on the sell side argue that CTRs aren’t the best measurement of digital campaigns. Check out these clear examples of how CTR simply isn’t the best measure of success, and what can be done about it.
  • Fixing Programmatic Trading Models (Exchange Wire) – Big-time programmatic representatives were on had at ATS New York to discuss several fork-in-the-road situations currently facing the entire industry.

From:: Programmatic progress on several fronts

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