When someone’s cellphone lights up in a dark theater, it often induces a collective groan from the other movie-goers. But now, Shazam is giving people an incentive to take out their mobile devices at screenings

Don’t worry, though. It’s only before the movie and trailers start.

FirstLook pre-feature program ads will work with the music-identifying app starting on Friday so that moviegoers can learn more about what’s on the screen, discover new music and receive promo offers, depending on the advertisement

Most movie theaters prohibit phone use during films, but the Shazam ads most likely won’t interfere with your experience. FirstLook runs prior to the previews, before the lights dim as people are still shuffling in from the lobby. Theaters typically include an on-screen warning to silence your phone before the movie starts, an advisory that comes after the FirstLook feature …

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